Our Capabilities are ever evolving to meet the demands of the Federal DoD, our Warfighter missions, Commercial and Local Law enforcement partnerships.


Our Software Development methods seek to obtain choice software solutions that collide with mainstream ineffective platforms that may function but are cumbersome in their use such as analyzing, collecting or aggregating data.

SCADA & Critical

Our Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) implementation, management and remote data aggregation solutions cross over with many industrial environments. We treat critical system infrastructure and SCADA solutions with equal priority. Ideally, we encourage the integration of our SCADA solutions with our cyber solutions.

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We provide Compliance Engineering and Auditing to ensure that any product development or design meets applicable market regulation and compliance standards.
This includes the following key focus areas:

  • Rules and Regulations in the Electrical and Electronic disciplines: We implement, review, incorporate and bring awareness to critical electrical or electronic engineering standards, rules and regulations. We notify or update industries concerning their compliance posture or incorporate this support while performing related services as an offered product.
  • Product specification laws and standards to include: RFCs and White Papers. We also patent and generate similar products.
  • Testing packages include but are not limited to the following: Solution Integration testing, Proof-of-Concept and Safety testing, Gap Analysis testing, Matlab simulation testing, Probability testing, Durability testing, Load testing, Protocol analysis testing, Material Safety and Hazard testing, Stress testing, Shock and Vibration testing, Alarm/Warning Feature testing, Device temperature and environment testing, Human dosage radiation and RF / EMC or exposure testing, etc.
  • Product Technical Review of: Vendors Manufacturers, Importers, Patent Owners, Supply Chain or any responsible parties solutions or products.

Cloud Services/

Our team’s cloud design and engineering experience will be used to develop secure cloud data migration, secure cloud infrastructure development and cloud system security concept-to-design solutions.


Our company provides a variety of solutions for software development, software engineering and business operations that bridge each together in secure automated fashion. We design this for the purpose of bridging pipeline cloud platforms and environments to automate security.

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Incident Response

Our team provides Mitigation based IR reports and ensure artifacts are verified. We quality manage our chain-of-custody and delivery processes are accurate for evidence preservation. This enables our customers to execute legal action with confidence while implementing our mitigation solutions that prevent further breaches via our report recommendations. All recognized attacker methodologies are matched against associated frameworks in our reporting products for clarity. Zero-Day Monitoring is offered as a service product.

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