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SCADA & Critical

SCADA & Critical

Our Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) implementation, management and remote data aggregation solutions cross over with many industrial environments. We treat critical system infrastructure and SCADA solutions with equal priority. Ideally, we encourage the integration of our SCADA solutions with our cyber solutions. This is done to incorporate: best practices and standards for implementation, isolation design, enforcement of approved application  and configuration management.

We have a solid background in Nuclear & Electrical power generation environments. Our experience with SDN/SDA platforms puts us at the cutting edge regarding new technologies and we can provide in-house program engineering solutions for Textile, Gas & Oil, Water Treatment, Timber Mills or Mining and HVAC environments.

Key Knowledge Areas:

  • Integrated Power Logic / HVAC & Multi Industrial Control System Solutions 
  • Panel Fabrication Solutions
  • PLC / HMI Programming Solutions
  • System’s Integration Solutions
  • Automation Control Solutions
  • Expertise with Sound Powered Phone platforms, LMS and other communication solutions
  • NERC/FERC and all industry control system advisory, regulation and standards
  • Engineering environment design and drawing review and modification 
  • SCADA Engineering solution design
  • Critical System Design and Air-Gap Cloud platform or network engineering design 

Our SCADA developer solutions and tools suites include: integrated power distribution system solutions that unify SCADA, Distribution Network Applications (DNA) & OMS packages. We provide development and integration of tools which integrate cloud platforms with required databases and applications.

Our tools & solutions are selected to provide the most flexible and scalable platforms which: integrate, manage, collect, and analyze SCADA PLCs, databases, API’s and related plant information systems. We now offer SCADA Advanced AI automation solutions.

Our monitoring solutions are generally Web-based but can be custom designed and built to in-house specification. We encourage air-gapped solutions that provide companies with secure remote or localized (internal) monitoring of processes for: displaying, tracking and enablement of reliable data analysis.

We have extensive background with SCADA control processes and related  vendor V&V or Supply Chain proof of concept-to-design experience. 

This includes the following engineering specification offering:

  • Provide IEEE drawing validation for solution design and integration 
  • Provide valid graphs, charts and diagram and flow-chart modification down to individual SCADA logic processes.
  • Provide scalable industrial platform network / system design, engineering specifications and related drawings as well as programming logic gateways. We encourage standardized QA processes which includes pre and post implementation testing solutions.