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Framework Incident Response

Framework Incident Response

Our team provides Mitigation based IR reports and ensure artifacts are verified. We quality manage our chain-of-custody and delivery processes are accurate for evidence preservation. This enables our customers to execute legal action with confidence while offering solutions that prevent further breaches via our report recommendations. All recognized attacker methodologies are matched against associated frameworks in our reporting products for clarity. Zero-Day Monitoring is offered as a service product.

Financial Incidents

Our team continues to improve its development of unique log scraping, artifact collection, roll-up kit solutions and network/system data analytic toolkits. This enables financial crimes and extortion cases to be discovered and mitigated efficiently and accurately.

Destruction, Denial and Data Breach Incidents

Our team has a unique background in reviewing malware from various sources which includes the mobile and system artifacts. Our methods and recommended tools or systems are selected based upon the environment. This might be due to factors like the threat actor, target types and pattern-based variables specific to each company, environment or platform.

Personal Data Incidents

Breaches involving personal data is handled with the tools and best practices designed to allow us to continue data integrity while identifying breach sources and artifacts. Personally identifiable information(PII) or Personal Health Information must be protected even during investigations. We customize our support as required according to each environment’s size and complexity.